Loving My New Website

By Rick Regan | July 8, 2020

Very excited to be able to share my new website! Cathy Sirvatka at Voice Over Web Design has done an excellent job with the design and creativity. We just added this little musings section, and its cool to be able to share what’s happening here on occasion. Always feel great about reaching out directly regarding…

These Uncertain Times

By Rick Regan | July 5, 2020

The voice over business has changed a little during “these uncertain times,” as this has become my new most spoken phrase of 2020. One thing hasn’t changed, and its high-quality audio delivered on time and on budget. I still provide this daily.  Reach out anytime with an audition request or question about your needs. I…

Voicing Video Games

By Rick Regan | July 1, 2020

Games, games and more games!  Love doing video game acting as it’s fun to be creepy or spooky, scary or BIG AND BOLD as a hero or a warrior! All kinds of accents and energies, young and old, foreign or domestic (haha), its all part of the day here at www.RickTheVoiceGuy.com. Check out my demos…